Angie Armijos

Realtor Associate

Born into a family of real estate investors, Angie Armijos has been exposed to the industry her entire life. After seeing real life examples of the passion and business knowledge that goes into the real estate profession, she decided that it was the perfect fit for her. With an extensive background in public relations and high levels of international networking, Angie has established strategic alliances to give her global exposure for her business portfolio. She possesses strong negotiating skills, a refined problem solving technique and excellent oral and written communications to help her develop long-lasting and prosperous relationships with clients.
A native of Quito, Ecuador, Angie has a strong multicultural living experience that has helped her stand out from the rest. She’s studied commercial engineering in Quito, marketing at the University of Kentucky and received her master’s in business administration from Madrid, Spain. A believer in continuing education, Angie has also received a certification as a Project Manager Professional, which has resulted in an immense amount of experience managing different types of businesses.
Angie is a friendly and resourceful agent who is passionate about meeting new people, establishing strong relationships with clients and helping them reach their goals in any way that she can. By empathizing with her clients, she can understand their needs and anticipate their concerns. When it comes to real estate, Angie is the perfect expert to have on your side. Her determined attitude will get the job done in the most efficient timeframe possible.
Her South American roots have caused her to develop a deep appreciation for Houston’s diverse community and multicultural environment. She believes the city has become one of the strongest in the nation and that it holds great opportunities for everyone, no matter what they’re in the market for. An art collector, piano player and yoga lover, Angie can be seen enjoying Houston active lifestyle when she isn’t working. With a heart invested in philanthropy, she is the founder and CFO of an Ecuadorian non-profit organization called Fundacion del Adulto Mayor- Rosa Puertas De Cueva. In honor of her grandmother, she has developed an organization that offers a warm and inviting environment for homeless veterans. She is also the president of the real estate commission of the International Chamber of Commerce – Texas and a member of Rotary International.

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