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At Nan and Company Properties, we always strive to connect people to their perfect home. This all starts with builders – those responsible for creating what will eventually be someone’s dream luxury home in Houston. We provide builders with a range of services to help them push their homes to the front-end of the real estate market and increase homebuyer visibility.


Getting your home into the market starts with our marketing services. With you as a builder, we launch a series of marketing campaigns to begin developing your presence on the market. Some of the marketing services we provide include:

  • Professional photography to highlight your home in the best light
  • Professional 3D and Drone Videos to provide the best virtual tour experience for homebuyers
  • Custom brochures, flyers, postcards to thousands of realtors, homebuyers, and investors in the city

With our diversified marketing approach, we go above and beyond to maximize your home's exposure on the market and make sure it falls into the hands of your target homebuyer. You’ve built the homes; we’ll build your sales.


We at Nan and Company Properties won’t just put your home on the market; we’ll promote it daily. With exclusive campaigns, open houses every week, website visibility, social media drives, and more, we can effectively show off all the amazing things your home has to offer your target buyers.


Even after your home has integrated into the market, we won’t stop there. We’ll continuously advertise your home to potential clients, realtors, and media through the numerous events in Houston we host throughout the year. Nan and Company Properties is known for our extravagant and exclusive events in the most expensive homes in Houston that bring these people together and we’ll ensure your name and home are known by all of our attendees, with the goal of finally getting your home into the hands of a new owner.

Have you built a development or home that’s ready to hit the market? If you are interested in any of our builder services, please call us at (713) 561-3582 for more details.

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