Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where is the best place to purchase a home in Houston for resale value?
  • The Inner Loop! Typically the Inner Loop properties are trending higher in value year over year. In the face of slowing markets, the prices continue to climb while inventory stays low.


  • How much is my home worth?
  • Let our professionals do a comparative market analysis to determine the value of your home at any specific time.
  • How important are professional photos?
  • Success is in the details! Pictures and videos can provide a great deal of details about your home and provide a powerful first impression.
  • What in the most important factor to consider when selling a home?
  • WHERE are you going to call home next! This is so important in a high demand housing market because you have to have one foot in the door while having the other out.
  • What is the market like in my area?
  • Let our agents study your market area and discuss the details with you.



  • What can the company can do for me?
  • Our company represents your best interest during a very important and emotional transaction. There are many moving parts that we keep in check so you, the client, can enjoy your new home without worry.
  • How does the company operate to help me find property?
  • Because unreasonable expectations are so common, Nan and Company Properties understands the client and helps recognize what exists in the market."

How Long?

  • How long does it take to close a house?
  • The average time to close on a home is 30 days. While some transcations can be slightly faster or longer, it depends on the circumstances and the complexity of the transaction.

Visiting Properties

  • Does a seller need to be home during showings?
  • Not necessarily. It depends on the specific showing instructions that are set for homes in the listing instructions.


  • What do I owe you if you help me make an offer on a property and they don't except the offer or we can't come to an agreed price?
  • The services to the buyer are free! When a real estate agent represents you in purchasing a property, he or she earns a commission from the seller only if there is an executed contract.

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