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When someone moves into a new city like Houston, especially from a foreign country, putting all the steps in place to make the move simple can be difficult. We strive to make the relocating person aware of the area not only through literature but through face to face meetings. Complete the form below and let Nan & Co. Properties help get you started.


So why choose Nan & Company Properties for your relocation needs?


  • Relocating to Houston not only involves the primary client, but their spouses, children and family as well. We place an emphasis on educating the relocating client and provide resources for their lifestyle preferences.

  • Our goal is to make sure they are all educated before and during the relocation process. Communication is key, and keeping this at a high level makes sure everyone is comfortable throughout the relocation process. We interview the clients to understand their specific relocation needs.

  • As an additional resource, we customize relocation packages for individuals or corporations to facilitate the relocation process with helpful information about Houston and the surrounding areas. We provide virtual or in person tours of the Houston area as needed.

  • Our agents coordinate the purchasing and leasing of a new home or property in the Houston area.

  • Relocation managers also coordinate relocation home inventory, utilities setup and maintenance, just to name a few duties.

  • We help the relocating client with selling a home quickly using Aggressive Home Marketing plans that are assessed by our relocation department, including an overview of the relocation home sale process.

 Complete the form below and let Nan & Co. Properties help get you started.

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